Masonic Temple of Doom - Cleveland, OH

Free Masons, conspiracies, Nicholas Cage; this building has it all! Well okay maybe not Nicholas Cage, but there's still plenty of treasure to be had here. This place is three floors of gold! Huge auditoriums, creepy looking chairs, bizarre rooms with trap doors, and even a few pianos. The level of decay in this building is almost unmatched by anything else in Cleveland now that Stanard School is gone. It's an incredible place to visit. The lighting is breathtaking and used to be even better but they've recently tried to secure the first and second floors, blocking out some of the light that used to come in through the broken windows. Every time I come here to shoot I find something new.

I've yet to do much research on this location, but items found inside would lead me to believe that after the Free Masons abandoned it a funeral home might have used it for a brief period. I could be totally wrong though. Once I find some more information on this place I'll be sure to post it.