Quincy/Woodhill Facility - Cleveland, OH

We discovered this building while we were trying to find a different location. The exterior is covered with vines. The building is literally being reclaimed by nature. It is a building of dark brick with gapping black holes for windows. It looks like a school and some of the rooms inside contain desks and have paintings of crayons on the walls leading us to assume that this was in fact a school at one point, and it is currently owned by the Cleveland Board of Education, however it was originally built for a radio station WBOE. There are a grand total of seven floors if you include the elevator maintenance rooms. There is also a basement level that we have never fully explored because it is pitch black and filled with several feet of garbage.

Today the building is in a state. Recently a fence has gone up around it and demolition crews have started preparing the building to come down, if it isn't down already.