Route 18 House IV - Medina, OH

Here is another old abandoned farm house out on Route 18. Unlike most of the others, this one has quite a bit of furniture still in it. It even has some great vintage appliances. The rear of the house is being eaten away by water damage. Huge holes have formed in the walls and ceilings of the back bedroom, which is painted all pink. The upstairs is filled with fabric. Roll after roll of fabric. Behind the house are few small wooden buildings. In what used to be the front yard trees and weeds grow thick enough to hide most of the house from the view of the road, despite being less than a hundred feet from busy Route 18. I've been here several times. I love abandoned houses. There is something erie about them, but also very peaceful. Eventually this house will be claimed by the new development that keeps popping up along 18, but until then it will remain a favorite spot for photos.