Stanard School - Cleveland, OH

One of our very favorite locations in Cleveland. There were two separate buildings on the property connected by a tunnel in the basement. The original building was built sometime in the mid 1800's, and the second building which follows the same exact design as the original, was built about 25 years later.

We first found this building a few years ago and due to the fact that the interior was pitch black and there were large holes in the floor we decided that it was just too dangerous to explore the whole thing. Then not long ago we got an email from someone working with the company hired to deconstruct the building and recycle what they could. He asked us if we would like to come shoot the building before it was torn down. We jumped on the offer and spent a saturday exploring every inch of the building. It made it much easier because most of the boards had been removed and we could actually see the holes in the floor this time.

These buildings were so much fun to explore. There was plenty left behind from it's days as a school and it's short stint as a day care facility. The architecture is unmatched by anything built in the last 100 years. The saying 'they don't make them like they used to' really rings true with this place. The pictures hardly do it justice. It has since been torn down.